Skinning the Cat

Last week at Ye Club I ran a “big” Force on Force Afghanistan game, full of ideas from a variety of locations. I’d got a bit bored of some of the book scenarios… Continue reading


As a little reward to myself for completing my mental health clinical placement or some other arbitrary reason, I got myself a copy of the space dogfighting Star Wars X-Wing miniatures game, and… Continue reading


This Chinook’s off that line of magazines too, like the Apache and three Blackhawks that I don’t have much idea what to do with but were at a very promotional price. This was… Continue reading


This helicopter is one of several I got on the front of a line of magazines (or maybe you buy a toy helicopter and it comes with a glossy pamphlet about its real-life… Continue reading

Fire & Fury

I played a game of Fire & Fury at the club last Sunday, put in by some of the people and not my stuff at all. I made a bad plan by being… Continue reading

Salute 2013

Along with Mike from my role-playing club, we hired a car and headed for London and the biggest wargames thinger in the country, which is only one day long. This thing is on… Continue reading

Shadow Army

Some equivalent hardcases from the other side now, Al Qaeda Shadow Army or 055 Brigade. Miniatures by Elheim.

Special Boat Service

Some hairy scaries from SB. From Under Fire Miniatures.

Sniper team in ghillie suits

Packing a .5 calibre anti-material rifle with a range measured in kilometres, if these guys from Britannia are anywhere near the wargames table either something’s gone drastically wrong, or it is one phenomenally… Continue reading

Taliban technical

I’ve been on the road today, rail across England and ferry across the Irish Sea, so here’s an altogether more practical way to travel, courtesy of Britannia.