Operation: Teacup

A campaign based on the excellently inspiring Battlefield Africa: Part 1: Operation Teacup article by Bernard Garaty in the February 2013 issue of Miniature Wargames magazine.


[VICE-PRESIDENT (VOICE MATCH CONFIRMED)] “Help, this is the vice president of Al Adiin! We are under attack! The citizens are revolting and the police have mutinied! President-for-life Jafar has fled by jetski to a nearby island and the British chargé d’affaires is under arrest. Send help!”


[UNKNOWN VOICE] “This is the voice of the Free Liberated Al Adiin National Jihad! With the aid of our brothers from overseas, we have overthrown the corrupt dictator and declared a People’s Paradise Republic. We will be taking the means of production back into the hands of the people, and nationalising all assets of the former President’s corrupt foreign allies. In the meantime, we will be broadcasting some programmes of cultural importance, and the island bus is running on time.”

The Arab Spring has come to the tiny island nation of Al Adiin, home to a self-serving governmental regime, a small but profitable line in olive and fig production, a small but profitable tourist trade catering to pasty-faced Brits, and a nice out-of-the-way place to store some tax-free money. A nearby Royal Navy frigate is not going to take this lying down, however, and swiftly deploys to quell the natives before Al Adiin becomes the flashpoint for an international incident.


Royal Navy roster
FLAANJ roster