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Three Block War

With a rare day off, a dude from my class came over to waste the day playing through the Three Block War mini-campaign for the original Ambush Alley (although we used the current… Continue reading

Skinning the Cat

Last week at Ye Club I ran a “big” Force on Force Afghanistan game, full of ideas from a variety of locations. I’d got a bit bored of some of the book scenarios… Continue reading

Fire & Fury

I played a game of Fire & Fury at the club last Sunday, put in by some of the people and not my stuff at all. I made a bad plan by being… Continue reading

Operation Mutay part 2

A while ago at the club Alan and I played the second of the two instalments of Operation Mutay in the Enduring Freedom book for Force on Force. Previously Mike and Steve had… Continue reading

Be Careful What You Wish For

Frustrated at what they considered the low quality of interviews granted them by locals when surrounded by an intimidating ISAF infantry presence, a news team visiting the platoon house in Shah Karez, Helmand… Continue reading