Dead Man’s Hand cowboys

Fondly remembering the skirmish action days of Necromunda, the game that started me wargaming, I decided to give the well-regarded cinematic western shoot-’em-up Dead Man’s Hand a try as my next project (yay, another project, exactly what I needed). Christmas brought a couple of gangs, a couple of buildings, some horsies, and a gallows, but no rules as my family deemed those too boring compared to all the interesting options available.

I recently finished up my first gang, the company’s own cowboys. They’re 28mm, which I haven’t painted in ages, and I just used the same techniques I do for 20mm. This resulted in a slightly cartoonish look but that’s okay because the rules are a but over-the-top anyway. I should have done eyes though (although from a player’s perspective they’ll be hidden by hat brims anyway).