New club

I popped along to the regular weekly meeting of my new local club on Sunday. There was, to my surprise, a tournament well underway when my skateboardin’ leg got me there a few minutes early, six people playing Alien Squad Leader umpired by its writer, a club member. It looked like good fun and the writer gave me a run-down of what it’s all about (B-movie sci-fi battles!). The previous two years’ winner seemed to be the army to beat by design, and he was beaten pretty badly this year.

When that was over one of the players gave me a loan of his robot army!


I played against writer guy’s four-armed primitive giant aliens led by higher-tech aliens, which is a new army undergoing testing and might be something to do with John Somebodyoranother of Mars.


I was helped out by Former World Champion guy, and my customary ludicrous dice rolling ability (5 sets of box-cars in the game to my opponent’s none – he was counting).


Robot victory!


Seems easy to get into, I’d love an army of fishmen.

I got a look in the terrain storage area and it’s GREAT! Loads of boards and hills and trees, and World War II buildings and desert buildings and Medieval buildings and Wild West buildings and a mansion and trenches and sewers and so on. Very welcoming bunch of dudes too. I think I’ll be quite happy here.