Rescue the Governor!

Pursuant to our previous game of Modern Intervention or COIN or whatever we’re calling it, it seemed reasonable that the governor’s motorcade was absolutely not going to reach the relative safety of the French-held compound. So for the sequel, a sort of leaving blow-out game to see me off on my next adventure (moving town again), Vaughan cooked up a rescue mission to extract His Worship from Surinamese custody.

I figured an eight-man special forces unit might handle it due to time constraints on the half-day club meeting, but we ended up with a reinforced platoon hitting the enemy camp, and got nowhere near finished, although it was great fun as far as we did get. Results inconclusive!

So that’s where they’ve been hiding.

A French MILAN spots enemy ack-ack! We’re not getting home the quick and comfy way while that’s still knocking about.

Liberty, equality, and fraternity, mo’fo’s.