Reveille II

I’ve just moved to Bristol, and by happy coincidence the wargaming club that my research showed to be most suited to my needs was having their annual show today, the day following the move. It was a pleasantly spread-out affair occupying various rooms and areas of their social hall type venue, linked by corridors and stairs, which made for a sense of exploring and finding new wonders.

There were about eight games and fourteen traders. I got in on a simplified Wings of Glory game, World War II Pacific, where underestimating the speed of the planes bought me a draw when I think I could have won by making my move a turn sooner. Decent game, related to X-Wing. I’d like to see how it plays with more advanced rules.

Things on the trade stands that tempted me and my empty wallet were Dropzone Commander and Dead Man’s Hand. I did some research when I was safely away, and am withdrawing my interest in Dropzone Commander, but Dead Man’s Hand sounds like the business. Might be something for the Christmas prezzie list.