X-Wing in action

Having secured myself a second copy of the X-Wing starter box set thing and therefore having two X-Wings and four TIE fighters, enough dice (the basic set doesn’t contain enough to fire with an X-Wing at short range or dodge with a TIE at long range without re-rolling one!), and two sets of measurement templates and the rules, I spent the month’s short (1 – 5 ish in the afternoon) club meeting hammering away at the three scenarios from the book, against one of the chaps who’d played in my first go of the game.

Swapping between Rebels and Empire between games, we experimented with low points-value lists and high.  The missions are escort the senator’s crippled ship (win by getting it off the table edge\destroying it), get the damaged Rebel ship in the asteroid field (survive a number of turns then get off-table\destroy it), and download the satellites’ stuff (go to satellites then get off-table\prevent that).  These certainly add plenty to the game, and make destroying enemy ships generally one possible tactic – I’m not sure I destroyed a single enemy ship throughout the three games, but I still won two.

The games played fast, as expected – we easily got through three games and I still had time to shoot a video of the club meeting along the way.  With chases to the table edge a common feature there were plenty of moments of tense guessing which way the enemy ship is going to go, and a lot hanging on a single roll of the dice, which is fun.

I’ll have to play more of it, but I am wondering if it’s lacking a little depth in terms of dogfightery; choosing using your pilots’ superpowers and wargear, and picking moves and actions certainly gives you stuff to think about, but I’ve been playing Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol on my telephone recently and it’s my first exposure to anything like a proper traditional dogfight game (unless you count Battlefleet Gothic), and there’s definite elements that X-Wing doesn’t have.  Specifically, relative altitude, and shootiness depending on how you’re approaching your enemy.  Maybe relative altitude has no place in a space game because every direction is sideways, but I do wonder if an extra die of shooty if you’re behind your enemy and a die less if you’re head-on would break it.  Nevertheless, my role-playing game club annually blows its budgetary surplus on buying stuff for each member, so I’m after a Y-Wing and a TIE Interceptor or something.

I made some asteroids inspired by this guide and hey, they turned out pretty well.  I’ll get some photos sometime maybe.  We certainly bounced our ships into them plenty.