Monthly Archive: March, 2013

Special Boat Service

Some hairy scaries from SB. From Under Fire Miniatures. Advertisements

Sniper team in ghillie suits

Packing a .5 calibre anti-material rifle with a range measured in kilometres, if these guys from Britannia are anywhere near the wargames table either something’s gone drastically wrong, or it is one phenomenally… Continue reading

Taliban technical

I’ve been on the road today, rail across England and ferry across the Irish Sea, so here’s an altogether more practical way to travel, courtesy of Britannia.

Javelin team

Finishing off this spate of support weapon teams, Under Fire’s lovely javelin. I adored the cross-legged pose on this, although actually assembling the firer was a bit fiddly. I’m off to Ireland for… Continue reading

GPMG team

Another support weapon today, Under Fire’s 2010 Helmand Brit GPMG team.

81mm mortar

Under Fire Miniatures’ medium mortar, from their 2010 Helmand Brits range, my favourite.

Afghan National Army

Another great set of miniatures from Under Fire. I’m not over the moon with the attempt at the unique Afghan digital camo, but it’ll do.

Operation Mutay part 2

A while ago at the club Alan and I played the second of the two instalments of Operation Mutay in the Enduring Freedom book for Force on Force. Previously Mike and Steve had… Continue reading

Be Careful What You Wish For

Frustrated at what they considered the low quality of interviews granted them by locals when surrounded by an intimidating ISAF infantry presence, a news team visiting the platoon house in Shah Karez, Helmand… Continue reading

‘Special Forces Fireteam 2’

Elheim Figures’ so-called Special Forces Fireteam 2! They love it when a plan comes together. “Now the next time you think you wanna take somebody out, pal, don’t get yourself a good squad… Continue reading