Dead Man’s Hand cowboys

Fondly remembering the skirmish action days of Necromunda, the game that started me wargaming, I decided to give the well-regarded cinematic western shoot-’em-up Dead Man’s Hand a try as my next project (yay,… Continue reading

New club

I popped along to the regular weekly meeting of my new local club on Sunday. There was, to my surprise, a tournament well underway when my skateboardin’ leg got me there a few… Continue reading

Rescue the Governor!

Pursuant to our previous game of Modern Intervention or COIN or whatever we’re calling it, it seemed reasonable that the governor’s motorcade was absolutely not going to reach the relative safety of the… Continue reading

Reveille II

I’ve just moved to Bristol, and by happy coincidence the wargaming club that my research showed to be most suited to my needs was having their annual show today, the day following the… Continue reading

Modern Intervention

Finally dug out from a lifetime’s accumulation of wargaming stuff, Vaughan at the club put on a long-promised modernish-era game. This was 20mm stuff in the setting of a campaign played in years… Continue reading

Three Block War

With a rare day off, a dude from my class came over to waste the day playing through the Three Block War mini-campaign for the original Ambush Alley (although we used the current… Continue reading

Bovington wargames weekend

It’s been a month since this event, but I’ve been up to my eyes in school stuff and so on and didn’t get around to filming the extraneous bits and editing it together… Continue reading

Protected: Operation Teacup: FLAANJ roster

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Protected: Operation Teacup: Royal Navy roster

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

X-Wing in action

Having secured myself a second copy of the X-Wing starter box set thing and therefore having two X-Wings and four TIE fighters, enough dice (the basic set doesn’t contain enough to fire with… Continue reading